Our method

Business and IT are often seen as two completely different worlds. How do you know what digital solution you need if you have never developed an application yourself? And how do you know the requirements of an app if you don’t know the business inside and out? Exactly. That is why we work with the low-code platform Mendix, aimed at an optimal collaboration between business and IT.

Working in squads

At Squad Apps (what’s in a name?), we are working in squads. A squad consists of multiple disciplines, like a Mendix consultant, a UX-consultant, an architect, etc. This way, our consultants never work alone on a project. There’s always a support base to fall back on. If, for instance, a customer could use some UX expertise, they don’t necessarily need to hire a UX consultant. The Squad Apps consultant can gather UX expertise within his/her squad and can help the client from there. This means our clients have access to multiple disciplines via one consultant. Sounds great, right? Besides the advantages for our customers, our consultants learn a lot too, making their job challenging and versatile. Hence, our slogan: We make you appier! This goes for clients as well as our colleagues.

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From idea to app

At Squad Apps, we like to be flexible and move fast, so don’t expect ever-lasting procedures. So, how do we go from your idea to a working application you might wonder? Following the next couple of steps we’ll guarantee a successful project:

Get to know Squad Apps and learn how our squad concept can benefit your organization. Low-code is fantastic, but there might also be some pitfalls you should take into account. Also, you don’t want to use low-code for every single use case. During our introduction, we’d like to find out what it is you are looking for and based on that we can establish whether a collaboration is interesting.
Design Sprint
Together we’ll make a blueprint of the project. We usually use a Design Sprint for this. We’ll find answers to questions like: for what challenge are we finding a solution? What improvement do you want to realize? What are the conditions? When is the project a success? Having answers to these kinds of questions, we’ll know for sure the application will actually benefit your organization.
Let's get right to it!
We like to work and like to show what we are capable of. We use the Scrum method, so you’ll receive multiple working prototypes. You can give feedback on those and we’ll evaluate the process and progress together. Not technically, but visually and in a way that everyone understands what we’re talking about. By working this way, you know for sure the solution fits your expectations.
Having an application go live within one month? We like your way of thinking! And that’s definitely an option. By using the Mendix platform, the duration of projects are often short and we are able to make an impact in no time. You need to be fast? We can deliver fast!